Productivity, Leadership Training and Business Coaching in Leicester

Why Choose Me?

I offer a bespoke personalised service to industry and business. Tailored to your needs which are integrated into your business – this is not anything bought from a shelf.

Business area I can help you with are: 121, Workshop groups, Wellness clinics.

  • Increased margins/profits through better customer service.
  • Win over customers and clients
  • Better time management
  • Excel in managing and leading staff
  • HR assistance
  • Business etiquette
  • Team building
  • Mediation / Staff problem solving
  • Greater work life balance
  • Combat stress in the workplace
  • Excellent staff morale
  • Staff wellness

How I Can Work With You:

By running Workshops in groups in the areas that need improvement – there is always room to perform or do better.

We can hold 121 clinics at your site, where I would undertake confidential appointments with individual staff.

Wellness Days – Give yourself and your people a boost. The wellness days can be on or off-site. Staff can appreciate these days because it helps with their overall wellness, health and morale, making staff happier, more effective and productive in their work life.

There are 3 ways in which we could personally work together

90 Minute Sessions

This consists of eight 121 sessions.

2 Hour Sessions

This consists of six 121 sessions.

Bespoke Sessions

Tailored to your individual or group requirements. Wellness days are available for corporate needs.

Gift card options and remote coaching – via phone, email and skype/zoom

I offer a free consultation or Strategy session. All sessions are confidential and can be held on-site or remotely.

Free Consultation

Who I work with:

I coach leaders, entrepreneurs, executives and managers from business and organisations to achieve their best and to continue to make a huge difference. 

Let’s Talk

If you want to improve your life personally or professionally, if you want to move forward and let go of limiting thoughts or beliefs, do get in touch today.

If you’re an entrepreneur or industry leader aspiring to build your best possible life and believe you could benefit from working with an expert, there’s an excellent chance I can help you.

That starts with a quick conversation to establish your professional background and needs. Get closer to your goals right now by filling out the simple form.

All information is held in the strictest confidence.